Electric, transit and self- propelled wheelchairs

Here at South Yorkshire Mobility we stock and supply a number of different kinds of wheelchairs.

Firstly which wheelchair do you require?

We stock  transit wheel chairs, manual self propelled and electric wheelchairs.

We specialize in Electric

When it comes to our electric wheelchairs we only stock the very latest in innovation, where each product has been designed to the highest specification, to ensure everything you require from your wheelchair, you get!  


*Insurance available on all wheelchairs

Lightweight aluminium folding ramps
Elev8 with mobility scooter in elevatore
Wheelchair Accessibility_1

Even though our wheelchairs are light and compact, you shouldn't need to struggle getting it in or out of your car. We have the very latest innovative product to tackle that very thing! Introducing the Elev8

Woman at Work

I am buying a wheelchair on behalf of someone else.

What is the difference between self- propelled and transit wheelchairs?

Self-propelled  wheelchairs are designed with large wheels so that the user can propel/ move unaided. A Transit Wheelchair, is normally pushed or propelled by someone else, and usually has smaller back wheels.

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