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Choosing a mobility scooter can be a hard decision because each type of mobility scooter have different attributes that can be useful to someone but could equally  be problematic to another person if the specifications don't match the individual. 

We get a lot of people come in and mention a brand someone they know has and leave with something completely different because although it may meet their requirements there is a good chance you have your own needs. 

At South Yorkshire  Mobility our aim is to help make your decision easier. We listen to what you want from a scooter, we ask what your lifestyle is like and when you visit our showroom we have an extensive range of not only each type of mobility scooter, but also different leading brands that offer different specifications and budget. So what sets us apart is when you make the decision you know its the right one for you.  

Not sure which scooter to get? Read our tips for buying a mobility scooter and see which one will suit you and your lifestyle best!

Things to consider.

  • All mobility scooters carry a weight restriction so this is one important factor when making your decision. 

  • What will your frequency of use be? 

  • Will you usually be alone when using it?

  • Are you able to ​carry/lift take it apart unaided? Will you need to purchase ramps or lifts to assist you?

  • Large scooters and mid range scooters cannot be taken a part and put in a car boot, so although the bigger mobility scooters are more luxurious and usually have a much greater maximum weight capacity if you want to go on holiday or use occasionally for shopping, meeting family and friends, a large scooter would not be suitable for your needs.

  • Boot scooters and folding scooters are superior when it comes to flexibility and using at your convenience, but they usually have a much lower weight restriction and do not provide the comfort, speed or distance the bigger scooters provide. 

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So you have decided which mobility scooter suits your lifestyle and needs, but what about budget and affordability? Are mobility scooters expensive? How much does a mobility scooter cost?

With so many different makes and models it will depend on which mobility scooter you choose. The good news is here at South Yorkshire Mobility we have scooters to suit all budgets and life styles. We stock new, almost new, and preloved scooters that all come with guarantees and insurance*  There are also a number of  ways to pay, so we guarantee you will get a mobility scooter from us that will suit your needs and your budget.

You can choose to pay cash, credit/debit card, South Yorkshire Mobility's own interest free plan, our Here to help scheme or via Snap, Payin4. Call for further details on our many payment options or click the Payin4 now for instant payment options.*

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