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The Folding mobility scooter experts

Mobility scooters

We have the perfect scooter for you

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Drive autofold mobility scooter

Folding scooters

Small, lightweight,  convenient, and better for light use.

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Boot scooters

Compact and easy to dismantle and are usually light weight


Mid ranged scooters

Mid-range mobility scooter takes the best features from both the compact and larger mobility scooters.

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Large scooters

Travel far and wide, in superior comfort.


Used scooters

Big savings on all different preloved scooters

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Flexible Finance

Find out your payment options

Autochair smart lifter

New product

Making lives better with Autochair lifters and hoists.

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Choosing a mobility scooter can be a hard decision to make, so how can we help you get it right?

Things to consider

  • All mobility scooters carry a weight restriction so this is one important factor when making your decision. 

  • What will your frequency of use be? 

  • Will you usually be alone when using it?

  • Are you able to ​carry/lift take it apart unaided? Will you need to purchase ramps or lifts to assist you?

  • Large scooters and mid range scooters cannot be taken a part and put in a car boot, so although the bigger mobility scooters are more luxurious and usually have a much greater maximum weight capacity if you want to go on holiday or use occasionally for shopping, meeting family and friends, a large scooter would not be suitable for your needs.

  • Boot scooters and folding scooters are superior when it comes to flexibility and using at your convenience, but they usually have a much lower weight restriction and do not provide the comfort, speed or distance the bigger scooters provide. 

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