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What is a compact mobility scooter? 

With so many mobility scooters on the market it can be hard to keep track on what each type is called and what they do. A Compact mobility scooters can be taken apart, and some can fold, either manually or by remote control.

They are small, lightweight,  convenient, and better for light use, short journeys and ideal for travel. If you like the sun they are also excellent for holiday's ! 

Folding scooter are excellent for transportation because they can be easily put in a car or used on public transport like a bus, which makes them 

especially convenient if your just nipping around to the shop. They can also be used in shopping centres and take up very little space in supermarkets. 

Lets compare the best folding mobility scooters on the market today.

The Drive Knight mobility scooter

I am the latest in technology, I even have Lazer lights & keyless fob

Drive 4 wheel auto folding mobility scooter 


I am a super light weight mobility scooter!

Drive 4 wheel Manual folding mobility scooter


I am the perfect option if you want an even lighter scooter and I am a little cheaper than the auto fold. 

Monarch Mobility Mobie Plus manual folding scooter. 

I am an all rounder, I am light weight, ready in just 5 seconds. A compact, modern mobility scooter.

The Monarch Mobility Smarti self folding mobility scooter

You guessed it, super smart, in a class of it's own.

The Invacare Scorpius A, 

I have a modern appearance and I am designed for individuals who like to keep an active, independent lifestyle.

Motion eDrive folding scooter

Simplicity and convince combined, with one onboard charging socket, key fob and simple easy to use display.

What is the lightest mobility scooter? ME! The Motion mLite folding scooter

The Motion mLite weighs just 17.8kg,  currently making it the lightest mobility scooter in the UK!

TGA Maximo 

I am bigger, more stable and I provide comfort compared with non folding scooters but I won't fit in small car boots.