Rise and recline & fireside chairs

If you find it a little difficult to get in or out of your usual chair, or suffer discomfort when sitting, a rise and recline or fireside chair could really make a difference and make your life better, by providing you with the correct posture needed for maximum comfort.

At South Yorkshire Mobility we stock a large range of Rise and recline and Fireside chairs. Each piece handcrafted in Britain and bespoke to your personal specification, design and colour.

Which rise and recline chair is best for me?

There are many different features that can be specified to your individual needs when purchasing a rise and recline chair. Below, to make things a little easier we have listed some of the main features, what they do and how they can help make life better for you. 

?  What is the difference between a Single motor and a dual motor?

The backrest and leg rests operate together on a single motor chair, so as the back rest reclines the leg rest elevates. 


A Dual motor chair allow a wider range of positions because you can adjust the backrest and leg rest separately. 

?  What does Bariatric mean?

Bariatric motors are designed for the larger user, available up to 50 stone.

?  What does tilt in space mean and how can it benefit me?

Instead of the backrest separating from the seat the whole chair tips back while maintaining your current seat position, this feature is especially good for people with poor circulation or leg swelling because you can elevate your legs above your hips and gives full back and pelvis support.

What does wall hugging mean and what are the benefits?

Rather than reclining backwards, the wall hugger moves forward as it reclines, so although you will need space at the front, if you have a smaller room a wall hugging rise and recline chair is a good option to consider.

?  Are there different kinds of back rests?

You can have Firm, soft, waterfall/pillow back.

Waterfall /pillow backs usually have padding in three separate pillows that can be unzipped  and the filling can be adjusted to suit you, overall a waterfall/pillow back provide a softer more personalized sitting experience.

?  What are knuckles?

In a nutshell, they are wooden arm ends that provide a firmer grip so make it easier to get in and out of the chair.

?  What about safety?  

All our Sherborne rise and recline chairs come with Touchstop Anti-entrapment system, so any human contact on any part of the metal action will automatically stop the action and motors. This added safety feature helps gives added peace of mind when small children or pets are around.

?  What if I had a power cut?  

Our chairs won't leave you stranded in a reclined position even in a power cut! All our rise and recline chairs have an integrated battery back-up system.

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