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Our top purchased Mobility Aids

Items "Making Lives Better"

A Walk in Park

Sometimes just a little added assistance can help you live more independently and increase your confidence. Quite often little life style changes can make huge differences where you need it most. 

You may just need a little help with stability, so check out some of our popular walking aids. They can really make a huge difference in keeping you more mobile for longer.

Our Bath aids, are really popular because, they are designed to help provide safety and comfort when bathing, to those with reduced mobility.

We also stock a number of other really helpful mobility equipment that we know are "Making Lives Better"

Motion Health Care


The Elev8 is the perfect travel companion for anyone who struggles to lift their mobility scooter or powerchair in and out of the car boot.

For those that don’t want or need a solution for lifting that is permanently fixed to a single vehicle the Elev8 allows you to load and unload your scooter or powerchair into any vehicle that it will fit, with no fitting required

  • The lightweight (10kg) platform lift simply plugs into your scooter/powerchair and at the press of a button lifts up to 50kg to boot level to allow you to easily transfer anything in and out of the boot.

  • With its 2 safety straps, stabilising legs and locking castor wheels to ensure your load is secure the Elev8 takes the most difficult part of most day to day journeys out and ensures it’s as simple as possible.



Walking aids


What is the difference between a walker and a rollator?

The main difference between a walker and a rollator is that a rollator has wheels and is pushed, it usually has breaks and a seat for resting, where as a walker is a frame with legs that a user must lift with upper body strength to enable them to move forward.

Rollators are also usually wider and a bit bigger so this is something to consider if you have limited space.

Should I use a walker or a rollator?

If your upper body is generally strong but your balance and confidence while standing is weak then we would recommend you should not use a rollator and you should use a walker instead. 

If your upper body is weaker but you have good balance and good confidence in your movement then a rollator is ideal, and because you have a seat you can have a rest if you choose.

What does a rollator do?

The wheels of a rollator assists the user to move forward without lifting the support frame up. 


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What does a walker do?

A walker is designed to support you as you move by creating a stable structure with the four supporting legs.  When used a walker helps provide independence and  confidence when moving forward. It also provides a stong stable support for you to hold when standing.


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Mobility scooter on foldable transportable ramp into car
Ramps into car

Although the Elev8  is  incredibly innovative and provides a fast and effective lifting to your mobility equipment into your car boot, a lot of our customers choose to purchase ramps  because they are very cost effective and provide more access than the Elev8. For example, not every property or vehicle has the correct disability access needed, so a ramp is fantastic if you have small steps into you home, higher kerbs or a vehicle that you need to put a wheelchair, powerchair or mobility scooter into.  They are easy to use, transport and built to last.

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