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*Insurance available on all mobility scooters

What is a boot scooter?

Boot scooters are compact and easy to dismantle and are usually light weight, which makes them easy to transport.  Ideal for people who like to get out and about in their car, or for those who like to travel. Some can be used indoors!

Almost all boot scooters are simple to use and require very little set-up which is a great for anyone wanting something simple to build convenient independence.

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What is the lightest mobility scooter?

The Alumina is lightest boot scooter on the market!

The Alumina range offers the innovation of both an Aluminium chassis and Lithium battery technology, making it the lightest car boot scooter with the longest range

The standard Alumina has a 15 mile range but the Pro has a massive 30 mile range!

Both the Alumina and Alumina Pro is designed to be disassembled easily for transportation with a heaviest part weighing just 10kg

The long and flat floorpan and adjustable tiller also allow generous leg room and the soft grip tiller handlebar and a larger than standard seat make for an amazingly comfortable ride.

  • Maximum speed 4mph

  • Maximum weight up to 18 stone 

  • Maximum range on a full battery charge up to  15 miles



TGA Zest

The Zest has ergonomic design features including delta handlebars with lightweight thumb controls, practical and secure carrying options and a fully adjustable padded seat. 

The Zest is easy to take apart, even with the use of just one hand and simply stowed away or transported in the smallest of car boots. The Zests are compact and have many features you don''t usually get with scooters of this size.

  • Maximum speed 4mph

  • Maximum weight up to 21 stone 

  • Maximum range on a full battery charge up to  8 miles

TGA Zest Plus

The Zest plus is a mid-sized car boot scooter with advanced suspension and an enhanced battery. It is compact  and easily comes apart into manageable sections. It is also available in a number of colour options.

 the Zest Plus is longer, wider and has larger wheels and bigger battery giving a longer range and a slightly bigger maximum weight than the Standard Zest.

  • Maximum speed 4mph

  • Maximum weight up to 24 stone 

  • Maximum range on a full battery charge up to 18 miles


Invacare Calibri

The Invacare Colibri is a stylish, simple and colourful micro lightweight scooter, designed for those who enjoy a totally independent lifestyle. Thanks to the unique Invacare LiteLock™ system the scooter can easily be taken apart without the need for tools and fits neatly into any car boot. Plus, with its small footprint the Invacare Colibri offers greater manoeuvrability in tight, or limited spaces. That’s why the Invacare Colibri goes anywhere your fancy takes you!

  • Maximum speed 4mph

  • Maximum weight up to 21stone 

  • Maximum range on a full battery charge up to 10 miles