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The South Yorkshire Mobility Free radar key scheme

What is a radar key?

A RADAR Key is a large key that opens over 9000 disabled toilet facilities in the UK. Some people call them NKS keys or disabled toilet keys. 

Although almost all councils in the country, public houses, cafes, sports venues, ferry's and airports do have disabled toilets, quite often you need to ask for a key. This for many can be distressing, why should you have to wait.  Not all disabilities are visible, rightly or wrongly situations like this can put people under scrutiny, but we want to give you the confidence that you have immediate access to over 9000 disabled toilets in the UK without needing to ask or worry how you can gain access.

There are also multiple companies online that you can buy a radar key from, so you don't need to ask to go to the toilet, however we don't want you to buy one. We will happily give you one free of charge!  Grab your free key today!

radar key disabled toilet key_edited.jpg
disabled toilet bathroom
Disabled toilet sign.jpg
disabled toilet sign.jpg

If you have had the chance to read our blog, you will know the story about how our free radar key scheme began. If not heres a short recap:

It all started with an incredibly frustrating and distressing visit to a pub where access to the disabled toilet, was required and the bar staff couldn't locate the key. This experience left me imagining if the key hadn't been found, and the many different people with different disabilities that had experienced what I did or worse. Going to the toilet is a basic human right and nobody else should be in charge of facilitating access to a public toilet. So the South Yorkshire Mobility Free Radar Key Scheme was born. F.R.K.S

Since the start of the scheme, we have given away hundreds of keys to people in Rotherham and the South Yorkshire area in hope to make lives better.  All we ask is you qualify. 

Our long term goal is to roll out our service nationally, one step at a time.


To claim your free key, just head to our shop and collect one. If for any reason you are unable to reach us personally, we would be happy for a friend or family member to collect one on your behalf.

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