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We service any mobility scooter

Servicing and batteries

Contact us for expert advice

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Servicing and batteries

What you get from getting your mobility scooter serviced by South Yorkshire Mobility, is a door to door service, our time, wealth of experienceexpertise, advice and a job done right.

Did you know you it is recommended to have your mobility scooter serviced once a year?

Something we have found to be a regular problem for our customers is that when they have purchased equipment else where that they cannot simply book a service. It seems a lot of mobility companies don't service equipment purchased else where, or service equipment out of warranty.  The good  news is, we are not most mobility companies! We are happy to service any mobility scooter.

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Mobility scooter servicing

All servicing includes:

  • Detailed checklist

  • Battery discharge and charger test including print out.

  • Full report

  • Receipt 

  • Home visit

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Mobility scooter sizes and pricing​

  • Small scooters  

  • Medium scooters

  • Large scooters 

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Battery price list

All prices include:

Home visit, Fitting and Warranty

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Popular Battery sizes and prices

  • 2X 12 amp £89

  • 2X 18 amp £129

  • 2X 22 amp £139

  • 2X 35 amp £189

  • 2X 50 amp £259

  • 2X 75 amp £340

Not sure what size? Get in touch and we will help.

Battery care guide 

One of the best things you can do once you have purchased your new batteries is to fit them and charge them for 8 to 10 hours regardless of what your charger says.

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Battery life checklist 

  • Keep your batteries fully charged.

  • Fully charged deep cycle batteries provide reliable performance and an extended battery life

  • Avoid deep discharging your scooter batteries.

  • Batteries that are regularly and deeply discharged or not frequently charged or stored without a full charge may permanently damage.

  • This causes unreliable

  • performance and limited service life.

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Frequently asked questions

How often should I charge my batteries?
There are factors to be considered when deciding how often to charge your batteries.

Is the scooter used on a daily/regular basis? Infrequently OR sporadically?

With these considerations in mind, you can now determine how often and for how log you should charge them.

Your charger is designed so that it When will not overcharge your batteries. However, you may encounter some problems if you do not charge them often enough or on a regular basis. Following the guidelines below will provide safe and reliable battery operation and charging.

Scooter used on a daily or regular basis:

  • If you use your scooter daily or on a regular basis, charge the batteries as soon as you finish using it for the day. Your scooter will then be ready to use the next morning.

  • We recommend that you charge your batteries for 8 to 14 hours after daily use.

Scooter used infrequently or sporadically:

  • If you use your scooter once a week or less. Charge the batteries at the end of the day it was used for between 12-14 hours at a time.

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More questions

What is a discharge and charger test?
A discharge and charge test of batteries is conducted by our engineer to measure the efficiency and capacity of the batteries that power your mobility scooter. The test will conclude that the batteries are efficient to accept charging and discharging.  If they show to be under performing we would then advise new batteries. 

What do I do if my batteries have died?
A regular problem is that batteries die and simply need replacing, but where do you get mobility batteries from and who can fit them?

The great news is here at South Yorkshire mobility, we also supply and fit batteries.

Not sure what batteries you need?
We provide free help, advise and a FREE site visit to evaluate the batteries you need.

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