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Superior built hoists 


Making life easier for all 

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Autochair smart lifter

Smart Lifter LP Range

The Smart Lifter LM Range is designed to lift scooters and wheelchairs weighing less than 80kg/12.5 stone, so lifting small mobility scooters and wheelchairs is a doddle!

3 hoists to choose from

Smart liter LP Range

Fitting into most makes and models of car, the LP range lifts the heaviest powerchairs an mobility scooter.
The super strong, simple operating system makes loading your mobility scooter into your car incredibly easy and stress free, simply by the touch of a button!
With a maximum lifting capacity of 31.5 stone.

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Smart Lifter LM Range

This super user-friendly operating and clever, compact design of the LM, makes this a firm favorite with our customers.
It is straightforward to fit, suitable for a wide range of vehicles and easily detachable when not in use, the Smart Lifter LM Range can also be easily removed if you decide to sell or change vehicles. 
The LM has a maximum weight capacity of 12.5 stone, so suitable for smaller and lighter mobility scooters and powerchairs.

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Smart transfer

The Smart Transfer is ideal for varying levels and types of disability, comes with different sling sizes and can lift up to 23.5 stone maximum.
It can be fitted into almost any vehicle, whether it has three doors or five, and can be used in a number of places, from the home, on holiday or in the office.
The great thing about the Smart transfer is you can use the hoist to assist positioning in the drivers seat or as a passenger.
The Smart Transfer will transfer you from a wheelchair and into the car seat by gently lifting you up using a comfortable sling and lowering you into position

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