Is a large mobility scooter the right choice for me?

*Insurance available on all mobility scooters

At South Yorkshire mobility, we stock an impressive collection of large mobility scooters from the very best brands available. We believe if you are going to buy a large scooter, it needs to be the ultimate in performance, modern technology and comfort. But what makes the difference between a compact, mid-range and a large mobility scooter?

Large mobility scooters are also known as a class 3 scooter.  If you like to travel far and wide, in superior comfort, then a large scooter is for you. Usually 6 or 8mph.Class 3 mobility scooters or buggies must be registered with the DVLA for road tax but can be used on the road, pavement and off road as they are able to handle the roughest terrain.

Meet one of our lovely customers Ann, she chose a Breeze S4
Meet one of our lovely customers John, He chose a Vita-E

Ann chose a large mobility scooter, to suit her lifestyle. Our TGA Breeze S4 is considered as the ultimate in mobility technology. The TGA can travel distances of up to 30 miles on a single charge and can carry up to 31 stone. Ann chose an additional canopy so she she is not only in comfort, and able to travel long distances, she can do it in all weathers! 

John chose a large mobility scooter, to suit his lifestyle. Our TGA Vita E,is well equipped, highly innovative and stylish. Most important it offers incredible value for money. It is perfect for travelling in and around town or busy places because it is a little more compact than the bigger Breeze models.  

TGA Breeze S4

TGA Breeze Midi

The Breeze S brings you the ultimate in advanced comfort, performance and looks that have set the standards within the mobility scooter industry.

Delivering unrivalled comfort, safety and stability.  A powerful motor, large wheels and pneumatic tyres provide maximum ground clearance, making kerbs and rough ground quite simply a "breeze"

  • Maximum speed 8mph

  • Maximum weight up to 31 stone 

  • Maximum range on a full battery charge up to 30 miles

All the elements that make the bigger Breeze S models industry leading classics. With state of the art engineering, comfort, safety, performance and reliability and combined them in two nimble, easy to handle packages.The Breeze Midi brings you a host of high quality features and equipment including all round suspension, a fully adjustable, rotating seat and an adjustable tiller to allow everyone to find the perfect driving position for all-day comfort. Choose between 3 and 4 wheels.

  • Maximum speed 8mph

  • Maximum weight up to 24 stone 

  • Maximum range on a full battery charge up to 20 miles

TGA Vita E

TGA Super Sport

Comfortable, well equipped, stylish and incredible value for money, the Vita E is one of the most technically advanced and user-friendly scooters on the market today. It offers great flexibility at an affordable price, meaning it is well within reach. Available in Metallic Bronze and Black.


The Super sport is a real head turner.  with the looks of a a motor cycle but with all the safety features of a reputable mobility scooter. The large three wheel platform results in outstanding comfort, stability and manoeuvrability. With all -terrain ability, pheumatic tyres, anti-tip alloy wheels​ , with a number of different features and choices to add to your vehicle, this really is a fantastic mobility scooter.

  • Maximum Speed 8mph

  • Maximum weight up to 24 stone

  • Maximum range on a full battery charge up to 28 miles

  • Maximum Speed 8mph

  • Maximum weight up to 31 stone

  • Maximum range on a full battery charge up to 30 miles


Invacare Orion


The Orion provides comfort, safety and reliability at an affordable price. With enhanced battery performance to give an impressive 26 mile range. It has superior suspension and large 12” wheels, but is also fairly compact for an 8MPH scooter. So is perfect if you need the speed and distance but don't want or have the space for a bigger mobility scooter.

  • Maximum speed - 8 mph

  • Maximum weight - 21 Stone

  • Maximum range on full charge - 26 miles

Invacare Comet Pro

In our opinion the Comet pro provides premium performance with a fantastic price tag.

Did you know, the Invacare Comet Pro can do approx 4 hours at full speed? If you are looking for outstanding range, then the Comet Pro can do 34 Miles off a single charge off its impressive 75 Ah batteries.

It has a unique and minimalist design. With full suspension to give a comfortable, smooth ride and includes automatic speed reduction for added peace of mind and  additional stability and safety.

  • Maximum speed - 8 mph

  • Maximum weight - 25 Stone

  • Maximum range on full charge - 34 miles