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Is a large mobility scooter right for me?

At South Yorkshire mobility, we stock an impressive collection of large mobility scooters from the very best brands available. We believe if you are going to buy a large scooter, it needs to be the ultimate in performance, modern technology and comfort. But what makes the difference between a compact, mid-range and a large mobility scooter?

Large mobility scooters are also known as a class 3 scooter.  If you like to travel far and wide, in superior comfort, then a large scooter is for you. Usually 6 or 8mph.Class 3 mobility scooters or buggies must be registered with the DVLA for road tax but can be used on the road, pavement and off road as they are able to handle the roughest terrain 

Meet one of our lovely customers Ann

Ann chose a large mobility scooter, to suit her lifestyle. Our TGA Breeze S4 is considered as the ultimate in mobility technology. The TGA can travel distances of up to 30 miles on a single charge and can carry up to 31 stone. Ann chose an additional canopy so she she is not only in comfort, and able to travel long distances, she can do it in all weathers! 

TGA Vita E 

Comfortable, well equipped, stylish and incredible value for money. the Vita E is one of the most ​user friendly scooters on the market today.It offers great flexibility at an affordable price, meaning it is well within reach in term of budget.