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What is a Yorkshire salad?

This custom in itself sparks much debate in our house.

A Yorkshire Salad you may think, what is this? Now if you are a true Yorkshire man/woman you will know this is a bowl of malt vinegar with cucumber and onions chopped up thinly and put on the table with a teaspoon to accompany your "starter" of Yorkshire puddings and gravy, no other food is needed. There are different variations and I do think this is down to the area of Yorkshire you are from. I am from South Yorkshire and this is the way we make it, however I have seen variations including lettuce and mint sauce. I have even seen cucumber with no edges on ...but this is alien to me.

Others disagree completely with the concept of the Yorkshire salad, my husband only has Yorkshire puddings with the rest of his dinner, but on the side so they do not get soggy. Now although my Nottinghamshire Mother inlaw does frequent in the Yorkshire salad delicacy she does alas only agree it should be eaten with Salmon or cheese sandwiches.

Let us know your thoughts on the Yorkshire salad.

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