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The perfect Yorkshire puddings

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

There is great debate over what makes the perfect Yorkshire pudding, and as a follower of "Rate my Plate", like everyone else I sit and see people abused or praised for their puddings, never daring to put mine up, mainly through fear of looking like a total show off!

Now as a Yorkshire lass, South Yorkshire to be precise, I always felt I wasn't living up to the Rep I should have, with very hit and miss puddings, many different methods tried and often failed. Now my nan, Rawmarsh, Born and bread, with no food mixer whipped up in excess of 48 Yorkshire puddings a sitting, that rose like golden sponge towers. Which we devoured as a course on its own with a Yorkshire salad and onion gravy.

Back to the answer to the question you originally came for: The perfect Yorkshire puddings. Now I have trawled the internet, looked at some of the great chefs and cooks recipes only to be told by a friend that all you need is a cup and a fork. You need no weighing scales, no fancy methodology. Simply Preheat your oven to 230 degrees. Add oil to your pudding tins/ bowls and whilst you mix your puddings up pop them in the oven to heat.

Now grab your cup/mug. Add 1 cup full of eggs, the amount of eggs is irrelevant, just fill the cup up to the brim and throw them in your bowl, give them a good mix with your fork. Then add 1 cup full of plain flour. Mix it in to the eggs. Then add 1 cup of milk. Give it a good mix. Check your puddings tins are smoking hot, then pour out. I time mine for 18 minutes exactly. NEVER OPEN THE OVEN DOOR. Don't do it until the timer goes off. The only variant you need to consider, is your oven a super hot one? or do you usually add 10 degrees and 10 minutes on for oven chips? you see what I mean, so you might need a couple of goes to get this right, the friend who recommended this to me stated 25 minutes but they were too brown for our tastes and her oven is not as hot as mine. Even though the first occasion they were too brown, they did rise, and touch wood, cross my fingers and toes in the time iv been given the recipe I have not had one flat pudding. So finally I can say I have made my nan proud, I can make proper Yorkshire puddings.


Could they get any better? .....Yes!

Firstly I got a new super hot oven and I am timing the puddings to 16 minutes and watching from 13!

After mixing a protein shake I had an idea. Why not put my mix into my Recently I decided to add my pudding mixture to my personal Breville active?

Lastly something I forgot to mention is my mother in-law has never used pudding tins and has only ever used baking tins and Pyrex. I also follow this method.

The image below is minutes into cooking. Excuse the pudding splash on the door!

What would I serve them with? A Yorkshire Salad of course!


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