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Did you know you can take a mobility scooter on public transport in South Yorkshire?

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Did you know about the national Mobility Scooter Permit Scheme? Not many people know about it and it’s really handy if you plan on travelling in and around South Yorkshire, even better it’s totally FREE!

If you have read my previous blogs, I love public transport and I get really enthusiastic when I see transport companies going further to enable easier independent travel for disabled people.

So the good news is by Holding a permit, it enables users of some types of scooter to travel on their scooter on buses and trams in Sheffield. The Scooter Permit doesn’t provide a discount for travel so you would still need to pay or use an ENCTS pass in order to travel.

As with all permits there are Rules and restrictions and, but in fairness to them, you don’t have to jump through hoops, its mainly common sense and personally I think could really benefit you on your travel.

What to do.

So firstly you will need a free, simple assessment conducted by a participating bus operator. The great news is in South Yorkshire almost all our "Big" bus companies have jumped on board ..... lol excuse the pun! Arriva, First South Yorkshire and Stagecoach have all now signed up to the scheme and offer assessments and issue permits.

So it’s nice to know if you are travelling across different councils, it doesn’t matter which town your heading to or from, Rotherham, Barnsley Sheffield or Doncaster and even nationally your permit will apply! To arrange and apply for a permit, you need to contact one of the bus companies directly.

What restrictions are there?

  • You can only use a class 2 scooter that is no larger than 1000mm long, 600mm wide, with a turning radius no greater than 1200mm. 

  • Weighs no more than 300kg (47 Stone) with the user seated on it.

  • Can fit in the wheelchair space on board all accessible low-floor buses 

  • Can board in a safe and controlled manner. 

  • Once a permit has been issued it will be accepted by all participating bus operators nationally and also by Stagecoach Supertram in Sheffield.

Useful contact numbers:

Useful links:

Journey assist cards, free download for eligible users.

SYM Free radar key.


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