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Yorkshire gin

Summer is coming and what better way to celebrate the better weather than with a nice cool Yorkshire tipple? Now a nation of Gin drinkers, we love the stuff and cannot get enough of it. Long gone are the days of mothers ruin. Gin bars are popping up all over the place and I am not sure I know a person who now doesn't love a good G&T. In Yorkshire we are a tiny bit proud of our roots arnt we? I say a bit .... "We are from YORKSHIRE mighty, mighty Yorkshire!"

At South Yorkshire Mobility we also believe strongly in supporting local. Local produce,local companies and local people and communities. So with that in mind we have a lovely list of gins from (in our opinion the best County in the Country ;) and a just for fun game with the delicious tipples we have listed.

Which Yorkshire Gin should you drink?

Check your star sign, then check out the full info on your Yorkshire gin below.

(All for fun & delicious drinks in the Sun)

One for my Step daughter, who has never believed Robin hood originally came from Sheffield!

Sir Robin of Locksley® Made in Mighty, mighty Sheffield!!

Distilled Artisan Gin

It is named in honour of a favourite Yorkshire lad and local Sheffield legend, Robin Hood. (If I had a tag button I would so tag her right now!)

Taken direct from the website as although I love gin, I am not an expert so here is what the experts have to say about this fabulously good looking gin.

"Up-front juniper with more delicate aromas of elderflower bubbling through. Deliciously smooth and round on the palate – warm cassia notes soothed with dandelion. Pink grapefruit adds an underlying sweetness and lingering citrus finish. Balanced yet distinctively unique."

Inspired by the Barnsley chop! Gi orrrrrr!

This alone makes me want to try this gin, seriously there's nowt much better than a Barnsley chop or a good G&T.

"Hooting Owl South Yorkshire Gin is a traditional London Dry Gin containing 18 botanicals which include:

Juniper, Coriander Seeds, Bitter Orange Peel, Grapefruit Peel, Kafir Lime Leaves, Angelica Root, Orris Root, Liquorice, Grains of Paradise, Dandelion Root, Rosemary and Mint amongst others.

Inspired by the Barnsley Chop, these botanicals and the lovingly accurate way in which we distil our gins makes for a very smooth flavour packed "Herby" gin."

Hendersons Relish in Gin? Gin not thrown on Pie? Go on then !

Brought to us by True North Brew Co, who have earned major bragging rights by distilling Sheffield Dry Gin. The first gin to be made in sheffield in 100 years! Each bottle contains a little Sheffield goodness - Taken straight from the horses mouth's!

A small batch gin distilled in a handmade copper still imported from Portugal. Alongside traditional gin botanicals we use an unusual selection of fennel, cardamom and gentian root that lend the gin its dry, herbaceous character. For balance, a small amount of grapefruit and lemon peel is added. Finally, a touch of Sheffield Honey and a dash of Henderson’s Relish are included, bringing more complexity to this unique spirit.

(Click the image to be directed to the True North Brew Co.)

Raisthorpe Dry Gin is distilled in the traditional way by master distillers, using water from the mystic underwater streams of the Gypsey springs, situated on the Yorkshire Wolds

Distilled in the traditional way using Yorkshire Wolds spring water, Raisthorpe's Oak Aged Gin has a unique botanical recipe which is rested in Oak barrels, giving the spirit a smooth and mellow flavour with hints of spice, pepper and juniper.

Winning a Gold Star in the 2018 Great Taste Awards, the taste of this gin convinced the judges it was worthy of an award.

(Click the gin bottle to be directed to Rainsthorpe gin)

J.P. Adlam Gin. A gin from Doni?

Lashings of juniper infused with coriander, Seville oranges and a hint of star anise make this gin truly unique. The original J.P. Adlam Gin can be enjoyed with any flavour of tonic and garnish and is a gin to match your inquisitive nature and search for quality.

(Click the gin to be directed to J.P.Adlam)

Made with one of our greatest exports in mind! Masons Tea Edition Bottling Note

From the Masons Dry Yorkshire Gin range comes a gin with a rather familiar flavour to it - this one is focused on the scrummy, subtly aromatic notes of Yorkshire tea!

(Click the Yorkshire gin to be directed to the Masons website)

Waterton's Dandelion & Burdock Gin. One of the first drinks of "pop" I ever tried after "council pop" Back in the day, and a Gin I am really looking forward to trying.


Inspired by the botanicals of the riverside ramblings and woodland walks of Northern Britain, a 13th Century medicinal recipe and Yorkshire famous chip-shop pop.

Crafted in very, very small batches in a traditional alembic copper pot still at the heart of Yorkshire’s Old West Riding.

(Click the summer gin to be directed to Waterton's)

Rhubarb Triangle Gin Bottling Note

The cities of Leeds, Bradford and Wakefield form the Rhubarb Triangle - famous for producing plenty of delicious rhubarb for all manner of treats. In fact, That Boutique-y Gin Company's Rhubarb Triangle Gin is made exclusively with rhubarb sourced from this notorious area!

(Click the Yorkshire Rhubarb triangle to be directed to the website.)

YD Chocolate Orange gin. (Is this heaven in a gin glass?)

Hand crafted and distilled in very small batches using natural botanicals and extracts at Yorkshire Dales Distillery, Chocolate Orange Gin from the YD range is a truly unique spirit.  Bottled at 40% abv with a warming citrus orange nose and a smooth chocolate finish this is a great gift for any chocolate lover.  Serve straight or mix with a naturally light tonic water and a hint of orange peel.

(Click the image to be directed to buy the gin.)

Created by two proud Yorkshiremen who wanted to give the rest of the UK a taste of what their glorious heartland has to offer.

Carthy & Black Yorkshire Lemon Gin Cream Liqueur is made with freshest, silky smooth cream, sourced only from Paynes Dairies’ happiest cows and Harrogate's own Slingsby Gin

(Click the image to be directed to a stockist of this drink)

Slingsby Gooseberry gin is crafted using water from Harrogate, pure single grain spirit and locally sourced botanicals. Yorkshire gooseberries bring a tangy sharpness alongside a balancing fruity sweetness and citrus notes all with a base of Slingsby London Dry gin. Serve on ice with premium Mediterranean tonic water and garnish with freshly sliced green apple.

(Click the image to be directed to Slingsby)

Elderflower & Cucumber Flavoured Gin

Handmade in small batches at our rural HQ on the outskirts of Ripon this award winning, refreshing Spirit Drink is a traditional London Dry Gin infused with Yorkshire grown organic elderflowers, steeped in the farms own spring water, and fresh locally sourced cucumbers.  A smooth summer sensation bursting with flavour.

Serve simply with ice and a slice of cucumber.

(Click the delicious gin to be directed to a stockist)

We are not affiliates, as much as I would love Gin flying through my door as a thank you. (Hint, hint!) but we do not get anything for our comments and recommendations. We just LOVE GIN! love Yorkshire & like to promote good local produce. For more info or to buy these delicious Yorkshire treats just click on the images to be directed to the websites of the products or click the quoted info from the experts.


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