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Ways to keep my pet calm and safe this Bonfire night.

Did you know?

According to the RSPCA An estimated 45 percent of dogs in the UK show signs of fear when they hear fireworks, with a more recent poll confirmed around 62 percent of dogs show signs of distress during fireworks.

It's also not just dogs! over 50% of cats and also 55% of horses are stressed, fearful and distressed when they are subjected to the noise of fireworks.

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How to make a DIY Anxiety wrap

Bonfire night is nearly here and the fireworks have already begun. So to make lives better for our fur babies we have some advice on how to make a home made anxiety wrap. This doesn't have to be a costly item,although you can buy branded wraps, you can use an old blanket or a scarf to make the anxiety wrap to help save you money, you could use a blanket familiar to your dog, so it knows the way it smells. Wondering what an anxiety wrap is? An Anxiety Wrap is a cuddle in a blanket or scarf which provides instant therapy for dogs afraid of storms, loud noises, travel, strangers and separation. The wrap doesn’t work for all dogs but it’s certainly worth a try as a lot of dogs do respond well.

More tips on keeping your dog calm.

  • Don't leave your best friend alone, when you know they are anxious. You are the best way to help the stay calm and you provide the safety and security they need.

  • Create a safe comfortable hiding place with your pets favourite blankets and toys.

  • Keep your dog in the house.

  • Close all curtains or blinds.

  • Keep all unwanted noise out by keeping windows firmly shut.

  • Turn on TV/radio to mask the sound

What about my cat?

  • Keep your cat inside.

  • Keep all doors, windows and cat flaps closed to stop your cat escaping outside.

  • Help them hide.

  • A box lined with blankets and with the opening slightly covered is ideal to reduce stress associated with fireworks and loud noises.

  • It is important to cover windows and close curtains to block out any bright flashing from fireworks, as this can also be as frightening as the noises.

  • A new treat or toy will be a great distraction for them.

  • Try not to handle them too much. It's tempting to try and hold them however this can have the opposite desired effect. So try to give them their space, yet if they come to you, shower them with love ...ON THEIR terms.

  • The same with dogs, TV or radio is a great distraction, its a usual noise, its white noise and it can mask the noise of the fire works.

  • You can get prescribed calming drugs and also plug ins for your cat.


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