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Tramlines Sheffield. Will it effect you? Road closures, transport and more.

Tramlines began as a FREE music festival for the people of Sheffield ten years ago. It was an amazing success, however the Main event stage has since moved locations to Hillsborough and is now chargeable.

When does Tramlines begin and finish?

FRIDAY 19TH JULY. Gates will open at 3pm. Gates close at 8.30pm

SATURDAY 20TH JULY. Gates will open at 12pm. Last queue entry by 7.30pm – Gates close 8pm.

SUNDAY 21ST JULY. Gates will open at 12pm.Last queue entry by 7.30pm – Gates close 8pm

Hillsborough Park will be transformed into Tramlines 2019

If you live in Hillsborough do you know how it will effect you?

If you have visitors planning to visit by means of vehicle during the operational times of the scheme please send details of these visitors to

You need to include the following details; REG NUMBER, NAME OF VISITOR, YOUR ADDRESS and COPY OF PROOF OF ADDRESS.

You have up until Wednesday 17th July to do so.

If you require access, you must provide proof of residence.

As a resident this could be any form of proof of address such as an ID or recent bill. As a patron this could be an explained reason and specific address/location of business. As a business owner or employee this could be a staff ID card, uniform or other identifiable factor

Roads in Hillsborough that are for resident access only:

Willis Road

Lennox Road

Garry Road

Wynyard Road

Upwood Road

Warner Road

Dixon Road

Minto Road

Hawksley Avenue

Hawksley Road

Park View Road

Broughton Road

Burrowlee Road

Burnell Road

Hard Closures for Pedestrian Safety

For approximately 15 mins before mass egress of pedestrians from the site begins each night, Middlewood Rd (which is also covered under the TTRO) will be closed to ALL TRAFFIC other than trams for pedestrian safety. This means access to Middlewood Rd for anyone, including residents, will be ceased during this time for approx. 45 minutes.

If you are attending the festival, have you thought about how you are going to get there?

The best option is to either Park and ride and use the Supertram or head to a tram stop to get close to the venue, with trams coming very regularly it will take the stress out of trying to find parking in Hillsborough or in town. You could catch the bus, however in my opinion the Supertram 2 day ticket is likely to work out cheaper.

If you do want to catch the bus from Sheffield interchange there are a number of busses that run frequently.


Supertram are offering a Tramlines 2 day ticket you can buy on board the tram for just £8! This ticket will be available on Friday 19 or Saturday 20 July.

In order for Supertram to get Tramlines crowds efficiently moved out of the area after the event finishes,Purple Route trams are being deployed to support, providing additional capacity from Leppings Lane.

A shuttle bus will be operating between Herdings Park and Gleadless Townend as a replacement for these Purple Route trams (customers can connect with Blue Route there for onward travel).

Some Blue Route trams will also be diverted to Leppings Lane after the event finishes, meaning Malin Bridge will have no service for roughly 1 hour 20 mins.

After the event, head to Leppings Lane tram stop, as the Hillsborough Park stop will be closed.


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