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Sheffield half Marathon crowned King of the North?

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

Every year the support for the thousands of runners that frequent the mighty Steel City of Sheffield, gets bigger and bigger. Facebook has been adorned today with fantastic photos of people achieving what they never thought possible.

My wife assures me it is one of the hardest up hill half marathons going, and she has personally run the half marathon twice herself. Speaking both pained and fondly of the"HILL" and the incredible support she received on her way round. The unlimited supply of Jelly babies and slices of orange from local residents of Sheffield "got her through it" Not only does the Sheffield half support vast quantities of charities, but it breeds positivity and brings together communities. For this alone, it has to be crowned the King of the North right?

As a spectator I can say iv personally

experienced an unrivalled atmosphere on the sides of finishing line. The Sheffield half has a reputation and every year it lives up to it. Bringing together the residents of Sheffield and the surrounding areas of South Yorkshire, along with visitors from far and wide, who come to support their loved ones, many to support their own personal goals. To beat their last time, to reach the top of the hill without stopping, to push themselves to their limit or for charities close to their own hearts. What ever peoples reasons for visiting the great city today everyone who took part should be very, very proud of what they have achieved, Well done from South Yorkshire Mobility! Click the map above to sign up to 2020!... We might see you there.


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