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Incredible health benefits from rare snore curing Pineapple Plant

Pineapple plant from ASDA has incredible health benefits and can cure snoring
Pineapple plants can cure snoring and help you get a better nights sleep!

A couple of years ago ASDA began selling the Pineapple plant and word got out recently that not only were they selling them in 2019 but they are £2 cheaper than previous years.

This accompanied with the information that they are bang on trend for the home and these little beauties are full of major health benefits!

The biggest news on the street and from some pretty credible scientists is ... They can combat snoring ...shut the front door! A snoring cure, in the form of a gorgeous plant in a gold pineapple plant pot. SOLD! Sign me up! This week I went out in search to get myself and one as a gift for a dear friend who suffers with poor sleeping habits and has almost everything and anything she needs except for ... yes a Pineapple plant.

ASDA are only selling them in store, so of course I needed to source them, and I've fell into the trap before of assuming only I know about them ...wrong. After several phone calls and either customer service thinking I am on the wind up, other stores informing me as soon as they arrive they sell out in seconds and other stores denying any knowledge of the Pineapple plant I gave up hope. I had contacted all the big superstores I could think of, from Barnsley, Doncaster Sheffield and Rotherham. As it happened I was popping into Drakehouse, Crystal Peaks and recalled a "new" ASDA so I gave them a call and incredibly they had 4 in the back. FATE I was so pleased, I then described the plant and said and is it in a gold pot, yes and has a little pineapple, Yes ....GREAT ! Save them, Had I sourced the only Pineapple plants in South Yorkshire?! However my happiness soon turned to disappointment. The guy I spoke to needed to inform me that they were for ornamental use only, I said yes I know I have read online they are not edible. He said well no they are not edible because it is a plastic pineapple. Half amused, have disappointed I asked if it was a real plant, he said yes but we have stuck a plastic pineapple in it.

A couple of hours later looking at pineapple plants online and reading the health benefits curiosity got the better of me. I went to ASDA and they did have 4 pineapple plants, none of which had plastic pineapples, they had real lovely pineapples growing out of the leaves in a lovely golden plant pot. A truly lovely gift for anyone, a treat for your home or trying to cure a loved ones snoring habits! . If you are in search, ring ASDA at Drakehouse, Sheffield as they had 2 left.

Home decor!

pineapple plant, home decor, health benefits of pineapple
Pineapple fruit plant, perfect to finish off this seasons home decor

From an interior design perspective the Pineapple fruit is bang on trend and has been since good old Christopher Columbus discovered it! Tropical, palms and bringing the outside in, is where it is at this season. All over the high street we can see pineapples popping up everywhere, cushions, lighting and wallpaper. So having your very own Pineapple fruit has to be the prefect centre piece. Etsy & pinterest are full of fabulous images of pineapples, so it is well worth a good look on there if you are thinking of splashing some pineapples around your home or garden.

Now for the health benefits I promised earlier!

Most plants produce oxygen during the day (photosynthesis). Some plants purify the air and produce oxygen by night; this principle is called CAM photosynthesis (Crassulacean acid metabolism). Several studies have show that the pineapple/Ananas is one of the most purifying plants by night and strongly improves the air quality and contributes to a better sleeping quality. Deeper,more peaceful sleep a reduction of sleep apnea and snoring symptoms.

Even NASA promote the health benefits,claiming that pineapple plants produce more oxygen and improve air quality throughout the night and therefore, aids better, quieter sleep. Although this plant is for ornamental use only, there are pineapple plants out there that are edible, and it looks like there are hundreds of amazing health benefits the pineapple promises. From being jam packed full of vitamin C and antioxidants making it a Super fruit, the pineapple can aid digestion, reduce arthritis pain, reduce inflammation and can even have cancer preventing qualities.


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