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Barnsley Hospital leading the way

Friday 31st May is a big day for front leaders Barnsley Hospital.

Marking World No tobacco day Barnsley hospital are issuing a full smoking ban across their hospital sites. Smoking will no longer be permitted within any area of Barnsley Hospital!

Smokers who are admitted as patients will be advised that the Barnsley hospital is a smokefree zone.

25% of all patients admitted to Barnsley hospital are smokers, so it is a bold move by the hospital, which will have staff, local people and patients divided.

Nicotine replacements and help to stop smoking will be offered to all smokers admitted and a huge no smoking advertising campaign will take place within the hospital, focusing on the Maternity ward. The hope and long time goal is this number will reduce significantly over time.

Barnsley Mayor Cllr Pauline Markham will be attending the hospital tomorrow to show full support of the move.

What are your thoughts? Is it a good thing? Will it effect you or your family members?


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