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Free Help, Free Mobility aids, Free radar keys.

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

We offer free radar keys to any person who is eligible, all you need to do is pop in the shop and collect it fee of charge.
FREE RADAR key to any eligible person who needs one

We know that accessing public toilets can require asking permission for a Radar key, this can often take time, or as we have experienced, people cannot find the key and this can make accessing a disabled toilet an unnecessarily frustrating experience.

You can of course purchase Radar keys. BUT NOT at South Yorkshire Mobility. We offer Radar Keys FREE of charge to anyone who is eligible and needs one.

It may only be a key to some people, however this key can save you so much time, frustration and everything in life is better when its FREE! Especially if you are from YORKSHIRE! We do love owt for nowt!

Eligable people can claim a free radar key in our shop in Rotherham
How to Claim your FREE KEY

How to claim your FREE RADAR KEY.

Just pop down to our shop in Rawmarsh, Rotherham and ask for a Radar key and we will give you one.

Click our address below to be taken to google maps for directions.

We have seen an increase in people asking for help with mobility products they feel they need but have not been provided with when leaving hospital. Some people do not know how to go about contacting social services, primary care trusts or occupational health to arrange further medical supplies or help for their needs. Other people have simply far more on their mind and it is often hard to contemplate making arrangements or planning ahead.

Recently we witnessed this on social media, and put the word out to let others who may be in a similar situation know that South Yorkshire Mobility have a number of walking aids, wheelchairs and other products we would be happy to lend FREE of charge to anyone locally who needs it. We are just a phone call away, if we can, we will help. Plus if we have not got what you need, we can offer you free advise and guidance on how to go about getting the mobility aids that suit your personal needs and requirements .

If we are a little out of your reach or you require a more medical approach to your care, we highly recommend contacting your local British Red cross. The services they offer are second to non and are a lifeline for people who need their assistance. We cannot say enough about the incredible people who volunteer for this amazing charity.

How can the British Red cross help? If you're returning from hospital, they can help meet your individual needs for the first 24 to 72 hours of getting home. They could provide up to 12 weeks of support depending on the level of help you need.

Free hire or loan of some mobility products such as commodes, toilet aids and wheelchairs They also offer free help to find missing family, help with loneliness, and money problems.

How to get the help you or a loved one needs: You can be referred by someone, such as a hospital, primary care trust or your GP.

You can contact your local service yourself.

For support at home services in Yorkshire, call 0113 201 5240

Mobility aids Rotherham, Find us in Rawmarsh
A selection of the items we can provide to help make life better


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