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Current Road problems and road closures due to flooding across South Yorkshire

Updated 4pm.

Sheffield roads:

  • These roads are currently closed, Ecclesall Road South, Parkway Drive, Mickley Lane and Fife Street.

  • Heavy rain on A617 both ways between A617 and A619 Markham Road

  • Heavy rain on B6039 Hasland Road both ways in Hasland.

  • Heavy rain on A57 both ways between A61 Derek Dooley Way and A630 Sheffield Parkway.

  • Heavy rain on A6135 City Road both ways between B6070 Duke Street and Eastern Avenue

  • Heavy rain on A57 both ways at B6064 Coisley Hill

  • Heavy rain on B6200 Handsworth Road both ways between B6200 and Orgreave Way

  • Heavy rain on A630 Sheffield Parkway both ways between B6200 Handsworth Road and B6533 Europa Link

Barnsley Roads:

  • The A6135 Sheffield Road has currently closed both ways from Hoyland Road & Harley Road (B6096) at Hoyland Common.

  • Heavy rain on A61 Westwood New Road both ways between B6096 Hawshaw Lane and Wentworth Way

  • Heavy rain on A616 both ways between A629 and M1 J35A (Stocksbridge)

  • Heavy rain on A6195 Dearne Valley Parkway both ways between A635 Doncaster Road

  • Heavy rain on Wath Road both ways between B6273 Pontefract Road and A633 Valley Way

  • Heavy rain on B6098 Furlong Road both ways between A6023 Manvers Way and Furlong Court.

  • Heavy rain on A616 both ways in South Yorkshire.

  • Heavy rain on A628 Manchester Road Eastbound between A57 Mottram Moor (Gun Inn traffic lights) and Croft Drive

Rotherham Roads:

  • One lane is also closed due to flooding on the M1 southbound before J34 Tinsley Viaduct

  • Bad rain is causing issues on A633 St Ann's Road both ways between Waterside Park and A630 Fitzwilliam Road

  • Heavy rain on Meadowhall Road both ways between High Street and M1 J34 (Meadowhall).

  • A6109 Meadowhall Road affected both ways in Wincobank.

  • Heavy rain on B6060 Morthen Road both ways between Hawk Hill Lane and Gillott Lane.

  • Heavy rain on B6093 Cross Street both ways between A630 Doncaster Road and A631 Bawtry Road.

  • Heavy rain on A6123 Great Eastern Way both ways between Bentfield Avenue and A633 Rotherham Road

Doncaster Roads:

  • A60 Tickhill Road in Tickhill closed

  • Heavy rain on A630 Cleveland Street both ways between A630 and St Sepulchre Gate West.

  • One Lane is closed on the M1 southbound between the slips at J32 for the M18 due to flooding.

  • Heavy rain on A60 Doncaster Road both ways between Carr Lane and Common Lane

  • Heavy rain on M180 both ways between J3 M181 (Scunthorpe) and J1 A18 Tudworth Road

  • Heavy rain on M18 both ways between J5 M180 (Doncaster North Services) and J4 A630 West Moor Link (West Moor)

  • Heavy rain on Thorne Road both ways between Thornhill Avenue and Winchester Avenue.

  • Heavy rain on A19 Bentley Road both ways between Arksey Lane and Yarborough Terrace

  • Heavy rain on A1(M) Doncaster By Pass both ways between J34 A1 J34 (Blyth / Bawtry) and J37 A635 Barnsley Road (Marr).

  • Heavy rain on A630 Wheatley Hall Road both ways between A630 and Jefferson Avenue.

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