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Calling all Tyke! Barnsley FC premiership celebrations confirmed - Wednesday 8th of May

I was lucky enough to join in the celebrations in Tarn, back in the late 90's. My parents along with almost everyone in our small pit village in South Yorkshire attended Barnsley town centre to celebrate the promotion to the premiership. We got to stay up past our bed times and join in a party and atmosphere you can only really experience a couple of times in a life time. The kind where your eyes well up with pride, smiling and singing, hugging and celebrate like family with people you have never seen before because you all share the same moment,a magic unforgettable moment.

Well young 'en's it is your chance to feel what we did back then almost 20 years ago. Celebrations begin in Barnsley town at 6.30pm, Wednesday 8th May 2019 will be your day, get your TYKES kit on, make your way to town to see the open top bus with the Barnsley players leading the celebrations. The bus will leave the mighty Oakwell heading to Pontefract Road,Eldon Street then on to Market hill to Barnsley town Hall,where the players will then head for the balcony.

Bunting,banners, red and white galore, its your chance to show everyone what your made of and show why we "WE 'RE all BARNSLEY !"

Mayor of Barnsley, Cllr Steve Green, said: “We’re over the moon that the Super Reds have secured promotion to the Championship – it has been a fantastic season and the players and Head Coach have been terrific.

“We hope that there will be a sea of supporters in the town centre on Wednesday to show the Tykes how proud Barnsley is of them.”


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